Exterior facade


121 Cimitiere Street, Launceston
The 1842 Johnstone and Wilmot building is painted a heritage yellow. It is influenced by English Georgian architecture, and it considered to be a unique structure in Launceston. 

Johnstone and Wilmot Pty Ltd operated out of the building till 1971. The structure remained unused until the City of Launceston purchased the building in the 1980s. The council invested in restoration before opening and operating a museum from 1982 to 2003. During this time, the differing aspects of the building were captured by staff of the museum, as seen in the framed photographs to the left. 

In between the custodianship of the City of Launceston and dAda mUse, the Johnstone and Wilmot building was privately owned. During this time, it was used as a residence and business.

Following careful refurbishment of the building after purchase in 2019, dAda mUse has a new entrance where the building was previously closed. With Council approval, stairs have been installed to enter the building, with Daliesque railings. The building as it stands in 2023 is pictured in the framed photographs to the right. 

If you look closely, what characteristics of the outdoor stair railings pertaining to the art and life of Salvador Dalí can you see?

Acknowledgement: Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery History Department for images and information about the building.