Salvador Dalí

drawers of memory

lithograph on paper
Inventory number 1145b
Salvador Dali Drawers of Memory is an original lithograph hand signed in pencil by the artist limited edition no. 23/150 published by Sidney Lucas and printed by Hollander’s Workshop Inc. New York.

Salvador Dali was enchanted with the theme of human figures with drawers and was influenced by the psychoanalytic theories of Freud, whom Dali revered and viewed his own subject matter as an allegorical means of tracing the countless narcissistic fragrances that waft up from every one of our drawers (as he put it). Dali said the sole difference between immortal Greece and the present day was Sigmund Freud, who had discovered that the human body, purely neo-Platonic at the time of the Greeks, was now full of secret drawers which only psychoanalysis could pull open.
Dali’s world of tapping into the unconscious using symbolism filled with themes from religion, death, eroticism and decay has fascinated even those who were not frequent art lovers.