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Dreamers and visionaries enter the dAda mUse inaugural 2D Surrealist Art Prize

Image: Justine Vaughan, ‘Barred Bandicoot dreams of being striped Honeyeater’

Twenty-five artists have been shortlisted for the inaugural 2D Surrealist Art Prize, to be displayed in an exhibition at dAda mUse and to compete for the two prizes. Artworks selected address the surrealist theme as well as responding to the Salvador Dalí collection.

dAda mUse is excited to announce that the Winner of the Art Prize is Elizabeth Barsham for her artwork titled ‘Tinker’s Child’ and the People’s Choice is awarded to Justine Vaughan for the artwork ‘Barred Bandicoot dreams of being striped Honeyeater’.

The 2D Surrealist Art Prize is on display on the lower floor of dAda mUse from November to December 2023.

The shortlisted artists for 2023 are:

AJ Anderson

Anita Denholm

Ben Miller

Catherine Phillips

Cinis Lucem Chagall

Daffy B

Darryl Rogers

Dean Hohn

Edna Broad

Elisabeth Baraka

Elizabeth Barsham

Estelle Dobbs

Helene Boyer

Jillian Eastley

Justine Vaughan

Leigh Dobson

Lena Lindblad

Lidy Korndörffer

Marilyn J. Patton

Merril Thompson

Sharee Marshall

Shih (Cynthia) Hawkins

Stefan aCampo

Suellen Bayly

Victoria Jansen-Riley