Salvador Dalí

Hippies Femmes dans les vagues (Women in the Waves)

drypoint etching on paper
Inventory number 377

The Hippies suite is in a total edition of 245 prints plus 24 proofs. Graphic Europa Anstalt published the suite. Many of the etchings in the Hippies suite are hand coloured or contain gold dust. The full suite of prints, when sold complete, is presented in an orange and magenta coloured cloth covered portfolio.

Paul Gauguin painted an artwork named Women in the Waves (Dan les Vagues) in 1889. The oil on fabric painting depicts a naked woman throwing herself into moving waves. Gauguin was a leader of the Symbolist Art Movement of the late nineteenth century, which sought to reveal absolute truths through symbols in literature, performance, and art. Like the Surrealist Art Movement, artists exposed metaphors and stories through artworks. 

Salvador Dalí created the print Hippies Femmes dans les vagues (Women in the Waves) in 1969/70 to evoke similar thoughts to Paul Gauguin, depicting the woman as one that is abandoning herself to innate and primitive compulsions of the mind and body.