Salvador Dalí

Hippies Nu a la jarretiere (Nude with Garter)

drypoint etching on paper
Inventory number 381

The Hippies suite is in a total edition of 245 prints plus 24 proofs. Graphic Europa Anstalt published the suite. Many of the etchings in the Hippies suite are hand coloured or contain gold dust. The full suite of prints, when sold complete, is presented in an orange and magenta coloured cloth covered portfolio.

This print is scarce and contains gold dust. 

This artwork depicts a beautiful woman wearing an ornate garter. The narrow band of fabric is fastened around her leg. 

In the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, garters were worn below the knee, where the leg is slenderer, to keep up stockings. Following the mass production of elastic, garters were not necessary to hold up stockings. However, they were still worn for fashion. Garters were often elaborately decorated with lace and embroidery. 

The artwork also contains various flowers, the reproductive structure of a plant that produces pollen for fertilisation to occur. These, along with the naked woman wearing a garter, and the elephant trunk emanating from the woman, represent the sexuality of human beings.