Salvador Dalí

Hippies St Jacques de Compostelle (Santiago de Compostela)

drypoint etching on paper
Inventory number 382

The Hippies suite is in a total edition of 245 prints plus 24 proofs. Graphic Europa Anstalt published the suite. Many of the etchings in the Hippies suite are hand coloured or contain gold dust. The full suite of prints, when sold complete, is presented in an orange and magenta coloured cloth covered portfolio.

Santiago de Compostela is in northwestern Spain and is recognised for its celebrated cathedral, which is a shrine to Saint James the Great. The arrival at the cathedral marks the conclusion of the Camino de Santiago, a Catholic pilgrimage route which has been in existence since the nineth century. By following the route, pilgrims achieve plenary indulgence to reduce the severity of punishment for committing sins. The cathedral has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

In Salvador Dalí’s artwork, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is shown in the background. Many people are depicted travelling the pilgrimage, along with people indulging in sin.