Salvador Dalí

moise et monotheism

volume containing lithographs 
Inventory number 723
moise et monotheism by Salvador Dalí is sometimes referred to as Moses and Monotheism or the Dream of Moses. This book contains a suite of 10 lithographs, produced from original drawings and gouaches. The book’s cover is bas-relief. 

The suite of artworks is influenced by Sigmund Freud’s (1856 – 1939) book Möise et la monothéisme, which was published in 1939. The essays written by Freud reinterpret the biblical story of Moses and examine the idea of monotheism, that being the existence of only one God. Dalí embraces this idea by depicting Moses while challenging it by presenting imagery from diverse religious creeds. The artworks also contain various Dalí symbols such as drawers and crutches.