Salvador Dalí

Le Bestiaire de La Fontaine (Les Animax Malades de la Peste) The animals ill with the plague

etching on paper
Inventory number 74
This artwork was published by Les Maîtres Contemporains (Mouret) Agay in 1974. 

The Bestiary La Fontaine are a collection of artworks based on fables by Jean de La Fontaine who adapted existing stories into French from 1668 to 1694, using animals to tell stories based on morality and life to avoid censorship. 

The Les Animax Malades de la Peste collection of artworks at dAda mUse includes the printing plate and several copies on paper to highlight the printing process, by adding layers of colour. Note that an inscription has been added to the printing plate which can be seen in the copies. The original Salvador Dalí print is framed and does not include the writings seen on the printing plate.