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What do dreams look like? Find out in the 2D Surrealist Art Prize exhibition

Twenty-five artists have been shortlisted for the Surrealist Art Prize, to be displayed in an exhibition at dAda mUse and to compete for two prizes. Artworks selected have responded to the Salvador Dalí collection by including Dalinian symbology as well as portraying dreams and visions of the artists. The overall Winner of the Art Prize …


Salvador Dalí, Surrealistic Flowers (Hermocallis Thumergill Elephanter Furiosa)

1972 lithograph on paper Inventory number 545 The translation for the title of this piece of work is the ‘Furious Daylily Elephant’. In this lithograph Dalì has depicted an elephant, seemingly mid-stamp and with trunk raised, entirely made from a daylily. Elephants are an often-repeating image and symbol in Dalì’s works, taking centre-stage in paintings …


Salvador Dalí, Surrealistic Flowers (Narcissus Telephonans Inondis)

1972 lithograph on paper Inventory number 549 The title of this piece Narcisuss Telephonans Inondis translates to Narcissus Telephones Nothing and on face value does not tell much of a story about the artwork itself. It contains imagery that has been seen in other works by Dalí, repeating symbolism and meaning across his work, specifically …

Past Exhibitions

Salvador Dalí’s Memories of Surrealism

Salvador Dalí’s Memories of Surrealism suite of photo-lithographs was published by Transworld Art in 1971 and expresses Dalí’s reflections of his journey into surrealist art. The detailed artworks are based on original gouache paintings with collage and bestow Dalinian symbolism. Pierre Restany, a French art critic, interviewed Salvador Dalí about each of the Memories of …


BOFA Experience x dAda mUse

dAda mUse had the honour of presenting the 2022 Daliland film directed by Mary Hannon for the first time in Launceston, a part of the BOFA film festival yesterday. What a tremendous turnout we had. Lots of laughs and intriguing conversations took place amongst the rare works by the surrealist artist. Bubbles and canàpes all …


Marking International Dog Day

In celebration of International Dog Day (26th of August), Launceston’s dAda mUse welcomed Paris the ambassador dog for a wander amongst some of Salvador Dalì’s iconic fruits and floral works on paper. This adorable visit not only celebrates the profound service and impact guide dogs have on our community but also the chance for donations …