Lithograph, Etching with Screen-print and Collage

Salvador Dali 1975

“This garden would float triumphantly in space. It would be similar to a balloon but not spherical. More flat, like an inflatable filet of sole. It would be covered with a biological surface, so the garden would receive and be nourished by the sun’s rays, the same way as the plants and flowers within it. The garden would be capable of various tensions so it could be navigated in space, steered remotely by radiation or radio waves.” – Salvador Dali

This work is part of the “Imagination and Objects of the Future” portfolio, which is full of Dalí’s fantastical creations of futuristic luxuries and extravagances. The suite of 10 dry point etchings combined with lithography and collage were inspired by his extensive research on a variety of scientific topics, including physics, biology, and arithmetic. These encompass the concept of Dali imagining himself as the 20th century Leonardo da Vinci, giving to the world what he imagined the future would hold.