Salvador Dali 1975

Engraving with Colour

The linotype was a machine created by Ottmar Mergenthaler, James O. Clephane and Charles T. Moore who wanted to efficiently publish legal briefs. The machine molts metal to create a line of typesetting, instead of the previous letter by letter. It transformed the new way for printing and provided a quicker way of printing small text. Dali represented this text with golden heavenly rays and letters, with a constructively built prototype in the corner. Signaling an enlightening era while tying with Da Vinci’s themes of mathematical composition.

This work is part of the “Hommage a Leonardo da Vinci” portfolio (Great Inventions), which is full of Dalí’s fantastical creations made as a sincere and very personal tribute to the artists Renaissance idol, Leonardo da Vinci. The suite of 12 original engravings, combined with colour by pochoir and etchings, compels art-lovers across the globe to reflect on the many achievements of both masters. The two artists shared many interests including their passion for not only fine art, but a variety of scientific topics, including physics, engineering, and arithmetic. Their dynamic, multi-faceted personalities pushed them to undertake an abundance of creative projects, many of which diverge from artist inquiry and instead centre around invention and innovation.