Salvador Dali 1975

Engraving with Colour

Leonardo Da Vinci created the designs for a self-propelled car in 1478. He never built the vehicle but in 2004 Paolo Galluzi built the car for the Museum of the History of Science in Florence. The car was propelled like a windup toy, reversing the wheels to propel it forward. It wasn’t invented to be used practically but rather as a spectacle. Dali’s print showcases the modern car with the symbol of the women who wave flags at car races with the continuing theme of Da Vinci’s flight in the sky.

This work is part of the “Hommage a Leonardo da Vinci” portfolio (Great Inventions), which is full of Dalí’s fantastical creations made as a sincere and very personal tribute to the artists Renaissance idol, Leonardo da Vinci. The suite of 12 original engravings, combined with colour by pochoir and etchings, compels art-lovers across the globe to reflect on the many achievements of both masters. The two artists shared many interests including their passion for not only fine art, but a variety of scientific topics, including physics, engineering, and arithmetic. Their dynamic, multi-faceted personalities pushed them to undertake an abundance of creative projects, many of which diverge from artist inquiry and instead centre around invention and innovation.