Salvador Dalí

changes in great masterpieces – Dali “Persistence de la Memoire”

Inventory number 1472
This Automatism style of surrealism reworks Dali's 1931 masterpiece.

With the concept of the suite 'Changes in Great Masterpieces' Dali proves to the audience that we only view the work but do not actually "see'' the work. Within six paintings including his own, Dali intently makes changes to the works, calling for the viewers to compare and seek out the differences.
Each work receives a mark in form of an original lithograph that comments on the work.

Dali's famous seaside landscape titled 'The Persistence of Memory' based on the landscape of Catalonia, Spain where he lived. The melting clocks attract the swarming ants like rotting flesh and pay homage to the passing of time theme present throughout this work.