Salvador Dalí

Memories of Surrealism

photolith on paper
Inventory number 2092
Salvador Dalí’s collation of Memories of Surrealism showcases the twelve prints in the series by the same name, in the format of a melting clock. The twelve individual artworks and collation were published by Transworld Art. 

The titles of the artworks are:
1)	Surrealist Crutches
2)	Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Minerv
3)	Surrealist Gastronomy
4)	Surrealist King
5)	Surrealist Portrait of Dali Surrounded by Butterflies
6)	Dressed in the Nude in the Surrealist Fashion
7)	Surrealist Flower Girl
8)	Caring for a Surrealist Watch
9)	Space Elephant
10)	Ultra Surrealist Corpuscular Galutska
11)	The Eye of Surrealist Time
12)	Angel of Dada Surrealism