Salvador Dalí

Hippies La Vache sacree (The Sacred Cow)

drypoint etching on paper
Inventory number 383

The Hippies suite is in a total edition of 245 prints plus 24 proofs. Graphic Europa Anstalt published the suite. Many of the etchings in the Hippies suite are hand coloured or contain gold dust. The full suite of prints, when sold complete, is presented in an orange and magenta coloured cloth covered portfolio.

The idiom ‘sacred cow’ is used to reference something or someone that is exempt from criticism or condemnation and is held in high esteem. Among the most prolific artists of the twentieth century, Dalí was renowned for his ego and possibly considered himself a sacred cow. 

The figurative reference ‘sacred cow’ is tied to the elevated place of cows in Hinduism. The cow is recognised as mother figure, and it is believed that Gods reside in the body. The cow is considered a symbol of motherhood, fertility, and sacredness.