Salvador Dalí

Memories of Surrealism – Dressed in the Nude in a Surrealistic Fashion

photo-lithograph on paper
Inventory number 501

Salvador Dalí’s Memories of Surrealism suite was published by Transworld Art. The total edition is 500, including sets in English and in French. 

Each of the prints is a photo-lithograph (photolith) of an original mixed media artwork created using gouache and collage on paper. 

Salvador Dalí created the Memories of Surrealism suite in 1971 in express reflections based upon his career to date. 

Pierre Restany, a French art critic, interviewed Salvador Dalí about each of the Memories of Surrealism prints. The text appears out of order on printed introductory pages to accompany the photo-lithographs.

About Dressed in the Nude in a Surrealistic Fashion, Restany recounts his interview with Dalí as follows. “A tribute to the Spanish architect Emilio Piñero whose geodesical dome is designed to protect the most surrealistic of all genetic structures discovered so far. (The dome is that of the Dali Museum at Figueras.) This genetic discovery has been made by two Nobel Prize winners, Crick, an Englishman and Watson, an American biologist: the double helix is an anticipated representation of nothing less than continuity between heaven and earth in Jacob’s ladder, based on molecular structures of desoxyribonucelical acid—but perhaps, and even probably also of the structures that are going to defeat, in an ultrasurrealistic way, the flood of cancer on our earth.”