Salvador Dalí

Hippies La Pagode (The Pagoda)

The Hippies suite is in a total edition of 245 prints plus 24 proofs. Graphic Europa Anstalt published the suite. Many of the etchings in the Hippies suite are hand coloured or contain gold dust. The full suite of prints, when sold complete, is presented in an orange and magenta coloured cloth covered portfolio.

Pagodas are multi-tiered towers that are prevalent in Asian countries such as Nepal, Thailand, China, and Japan. They have a religious function and are most commonly Buddhist or Taoist. They are constructed of wood, brick, and stone.

Salvador Dalí depicts the devotion people have for these towering structures in this artwork, with remarkable views over the land before it. A swan appears in the foreground, representing purity and strength of the soul. Swans are also a symbol for eternal love, which Dalí felt for his wife and muse Gala. Dalí referred to Gala as ‘my intimate truth, my double, my one’.