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Past Exhibitions

Salvador Dalí’s Memories of Surrealism

Salvador Dalí’s Memories of Surrealism suite of photo-lithographs was published by Transworld Art in 1971 and expresses Dalí’s reflections of his journey into surrealist art. The detailed artworks are based on original gouache paintings with collage and bestow Dalinian symbolism. Pierre Restany, a French art critic, interviewed Salvador Dalí about each of the Memories of …

Past Exhibitions

A visual exploration of the timeless allure of fairy tales

Fairy tales are stories that we all have some connection to, growing up reading about magical creatures and imaginary lands. Imagery of fairy tales can be dark and gruesome, while emanating astonishing beauty. The fairy tale exhibition includes Dalí’s renditions of fictions including Hans Christian Andersen tales, Alice in Wonderland, and Japanese fairy tales. Dutch …